Paula Newby-Fraser

Paula Newby-Fraser

8x Ironman World Champion
24x Ironman winner

"Wow. Wow. Honestly, there is nothing like this, and I know how good it feels to have a new light pair of racing shoes, but these are just so dynamic. I am so fired up!" - Paula Newby-Fraser

Paula Newby-Fraser is the only triathlete to transcend the sport. Certainly, she is the greatest triathlete of all time: Her 24 Ironman Championships are more than twice that won by triathlon legends Mark Allen and Erin Baker (8 each) and Dave Scott (7).

Her 1988 Ironman finish (11th overall) has been called the "greatest performance in endurance sports history." The Los Angeles Times, Extra TV and ABC's Wide World of Sports have acclaimed Paula "The Greatest All-Around Female Athlete in the World," and the United States Sports Academy, CNN and USA Today named Paula as one of top 5 professional women athletes of the last 25 years (1972-97).

Paula lives in San Diego, California and is originally from Zimbabwe.